The internet is a global phenomenon of social, economic and cultural conditions that increasingly occupies the lives of all peple, directly or indirectly. It develops a process of democratization and information sharing, plus the possibility of approximations conditions, until recently, unimaginable. People who never entered a museum or gallery can attend sites of artists, participating and knowing the subject. The web network is a privileged space diffusion, reaching audiences in their own environment. It is na accessible user participation, where the traditional hierarchies are diluted in a sea of ​​information that is neither classified nor arranged so easily.

Within the network different traditional institutions of the art circuit are articulate, such as: MOMA and the Centre Georges Pompidou, galleries like Saatchi; and magazines such as: Flash Art, sites of unknown artists, research institutions and portals of events fully dedicated to web art. According to experts, the mix of trends, interests and degrees of comprehensiveness complicates the task of analyzes and contents indexation.

For this reason, a systematization of art spaces on the Internet is proposed here. It is organized by categories: museums, galleries, magazines and research centers. Each category is subdivided into contries or “online” (those who do not have a especific geographic space).